Hyper deflationary meme token

Flokelon Inu is a community-focused, decentralized meme token with own coin listing utility.

Elon Musk

On the way to Mars, Elon ran into technical problems and was forced to land on the moon in a hurry. After landing, he attempted to repair the damage and had to find scraps to rebuild the rocket. Elon thought he was alone on the moon until he found a completely unique but beautiful creature.

After he approached the creature, Elon wanted to know more about him. The creature started talking and told him that he was a moon-born dog. Elon was amazed and had no idea that there is life on the Moon.

They became friends, and the Space Dog told him that he had a magic crystal that can restore what was broken. After they restored the spaceship together, Elon decided to give the space dog a name, and this name was Floki, he decided to name the main space dog breed Flokelon Inu, This was the beginning of Floki and Elon’s beautiful galactic journey.

To The Mars


  • Website Launch
  • Creation of the Tokenomics
  • Creation of the Whitepaper
  • Pre-Audited Smart Contract
  • Community building
  • Stealth Launch
  • Dashboard dApp
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • FegEx Listing
  • 5000 holders
  • $1M Market Cap
  • Ownership renounce
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Flokelon Inu Merchandise
  • Work with Marketing Agency
  • $10M Market Cap
  • Tier2 CEX Listings
  • Massive Marketing Campaign
  • Bridge on ETH and SOL networks
  • Flokelon NFT Marketplace
  • $100M Market Cap
  • Tier 1 CEX Listings
  • Flokelon Inu (Decentralized Exchange) DEX
  • Play to Earn Crypto-mobile Game
  • $1B Market Cap
  • Get into Top 100 Cryptocurrency
  • More Revealed Soon…
Demand & Supply


Token Name

Flokelon Inu

Token Type


Token Symbol


Token Decimal


Initial Token Supply

20 Billion

Total supply: 20,000,000,000

Initial burn: 10,000,000,000 (50%)

Token for Listing on FEG Exchange: 2,000,000,000 (10%)

Token for Listing on CEX (Locked): 2,000,000,000 (10%)

Add to PancakeSwap Liquidity: 5,800,000,000 (29%)

Marketing Wallet: 200,000,000 (1%) (LOCKED)

Transaction Fee's

  • Auto Liquidity fee 3%
  • Mars run mechanism & Burn: 3%
  • Marketing fee: 4%
  • Burn 50%
  • Tokens for listing on FEG Exchanges 10%
  • Marketing Wallet 1%
  • PancakeSwap Liquidity 29%
  • Tokens for future CEX Listing (Locked)
How to get FLOK

How To Buy?

Create MetaMask wallet

Create a MetaMask Wallet using either a desktop computer or an iOS/Android mobile device. Download MetaMask (a crypto wallet in form of a browser extension) or TrustWallet (an app for your phone). After that, you will have to add the Binance Smart Chain to your network list. (Click here for a step-by-step tutorial) That will allow you to buy, sell, send, and receive Flokelon Inu ($FLOK).

Send BNB to your wallet

Buy BNB on an exchange (i.e. Binance, Hotbit, Coinbase etc.). Transfer the tokens to your MetaMask wallet address. BEP-20 addresses start with a “0x.” Make sure to use the BEP-20 network when transferring BNB.

Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap

Click here to head on over to PancakeSwap to select Flokelon Inu ($FLOK). Set the slippage tolerance to 14-16% (sometimes it can be a little more, depending on how much demand there is).

Swap BNB for Flokelon Inu, And HOLD

Swap BNB for Flokelon Inu. Now you need to add Flokelon Inu to your MetaMask (Tutorial here) or Trust Wallet to view your Flokelon Inu. You can start swapping as soon as you have BNB available! Press “Select a token” and enter the token address or search for it on the tokens list